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Regenerating Real World Software to Passport Business Solutions

Many businesses have used Real World Software for a long time owing to its performance, reliable audit trails and observance of GAAP standards. The business world however, has seen changes in technology, development of new devices, and new operating systems that require transition into newer solutions. Here you will find out how you can upgrade to Passport software and the benefits of making such a move.

Depending on the volume of your business data, upgrading to Passport Business Solutions is a fairly easy process that can take between 1 day and 2 weeks. The first step in the regeneration process is checking the system requirements to ascertain whether the orphan account is eligible for upgrading. For instance, windows 7 will go with PBS v12.02, while Windows XP and Windows Vista needs .NET framework v.3.5 installation before upgrading.

After identifying system requirements, it is important to establish what is new in Passport software that is missing from Real World. Passport software has new features for accounts payable such as pay-to-addresses, accounts receivables, invoice history, new graphical AR screens and additional 40 GUI screens to enhance reporting among many other features. The providers of passport solutions can also tailor the specifications of the software to fit into the strategy of the business.

It is important to take Passport software for a test drive before upgrading into Passport Business Solutions so that you can identify its strengths, flaws and compatibility. The test drive can be done online by downloading a trial version of the software PBS v12.02. There is also an instant demo that can take the user through the software using a reliable internet connection. Alternatively, in the event that the trial version has expired it is also advisable to purchase a 1-month program to check its reliability.

Upgrading to Passport software comes with various benefits with the record one being enhancing the printer support and use of PDF generator to e-mail and print forms. Passport software has a greater compatibility with newer versions of printers and operating systems and hence it can do more and produce better and versatile reports in various versions. Passport software also provides multi-platform support meaning that it can work with windows 7, XP, Vista, LINUX, UNIX, and the most recent Windows 8.

A transition to Passport software is easy and smooth so there are minimal personnel or business distractions. It is also easy for the personnel to understand the operations of the software, which reduces the training time. There is also increased demand for compliance of AP and payroll regulations and passport software will ensure this compliance in addition to quicker access of business data.

Passport software has an option that allows the user to invest only in modules that the business needs unlike Real World Software. The user can choose between retail, manufacturing, financial, and distribution modules or even opt to use all of them. Its ability to rely on modern technology increases your business’s data access and usability

Do not be stuck wondering where to get information about new modules, versions and enhancements of Passport software because the solution provider will offer you a complete description of these specifications. Overall, the transition to Passport software is easy and will benefit your business tremendously.